The weight keeps packing on! I swear, start Saturday, all soda will be cut out of my diet. That's got to be where it's coming from. I doubt the baby is growing THIS much this fast:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 1 banana, 2 egg muffins (1 egg, 1/8c. cottage cheese, 1/8c. cheddar cheese, mushrooms, 1 slice of bacon)
S - 16oz. diet coke, 1 cheese stick
L - leftover chicken stirfry, 1/4 navel orange, slice of PB egg :(
S - blueberry yogurt (Oikos), 1 cheese stick, 2tbs. peanut butter
D - Stuffed peppers (2), 1c. roasted garbanzo beans
S - ginger ale (12oz.)


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