Starting off the day eating like crap. I just need to work at making the rest of the day MUCH better:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 hot dogs (on buns)
S - 16oz. diet coke, 1c. cantaloupe
L - leftover pulled pork & brussel sprouts, 1/4 navel orange
S - 1 cheese stick, blueberry yogurt (Oikos)
D - Spinach salad w/chicken breast, bacon, walnuts, & balsalmic vinaigrette (about 2tsp.), 12oz. pepsi, 2 dinner rolls (w/Mom)
S - 12oz. ginger ale, 2c. cantaloupe
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Adam brought home HUGE chocolate/peanut butter Easter eggs last night. I don't know how I'm going to resist that! I should probably just throw mine away, but I can't do that:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 HB eggs, 1/2 navel orange
S - 20oz. coke
L - leftover chicken & veggie stirfy from last night (no rice, but soy sauce)
S - 1 cheese stick, blueberry yogurt (Oikos), 2tbs. peanut butter, 1 small banana
D - Garlic Pulled Pork, 1c. brussel sprouts (roasted w/olive oil), 12oz. ginger ale
S - 2c. cantaloupe slice of PB egg
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Still exhausted, but I managed to fight the urge to just pop a pop-tart in the toaster and made some hb eggs instead. It was a tough battle:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 HB eggs, 1/2 grapefruit
S - 20oz. coke
L - Stuffed Pepper, 1tbs. peanut butter
S - Oikos blueberry yogurt, 2tbs. peanut butter, 1 navel orange, 2 dark chocolate squares
D - salmon (8oz.), 2c. broccoli (w/lemon & butter), sliced almonds
S - strawberry popsicle
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Running WAY late this morning. Got no sleep last night and just feeling a bit like I'm dragging myself through the day so far.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 cheese sticks, 1/2 grapefruit
S - 20oz. coke
L - Stuffed Pepper
S - 1 cheese stick, blueberry yogurt (Oikos Organic), 2tbs. natural PB, leftover mussels (Olive garden), 2 strawberry poptarts (first big fail (other than the breadsticks yesterday, of course!))
D - Stuffed Pepper patties
S - 1.5c. cantaloupe
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Meal Plan
B - 4 slices of bacon, 2 HB eggs, 12oz. milk
S - 20oz. coke
L - Green pepper w/stuffing (MDA recipe mentioned yesterday)
S - Blueberry yogurt (Oikos Organic)
D - 1/2 order Olive Garden Mussels (appetizer), salad, diet coke (maybe) + 2 breadsticks (ugh, but they were good dipped in the mussel's sauce:)!)
S - 1 cheese stick, 1 navel orange, 1.5tbs. peanut butter

I think I might be allergic to celery now. I had a horrible reaction a few hours after eating it yesterday. Hopefully this is just a pregnancy thing b/c I love celery!

Seriously stuffed yesterday and I didn't even eat all that much! What a nice feeling. Especially since with all the processed/carb-heavy stuff I've been eating lately, I'm usually continuously hungry in the evenings.
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Per suggestions from a commenter, I am not going to track calories on here anymore, but instead just work at eating as much healthy food as I want. It will definitely be a work in progress and I'm not giving up dairy, but hopefully this new tactic will allow me to relax a bit and keep the pregnancy weight gain in check.

I'm currently reading "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple, so I hope to incorporate more of this lifestyle and food going forward.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, carrot/celery/almond salad, 2 HB eggs
S - 20oz. coke (so much for giving this up!), Oikos Blueberry yogurt
L - 2 celery stalks w/PB, 2 small chicken thighs
S - 1 cheese stick, 1.5c. cantaloupe
D - MDA Stuffed Peppers, minus the green pepper (made the filling into patties - total of 1.5c.), 1 cheese stick
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Okay, so my weight gain has been more than I had anticipated, so I'm going to try to get stricter with my diet. Had a bit of a wake-up call this morning when I stepped on the scale and it has me at 12lbs. up from my pre-pregnancy weight and I want to only be at about 8lbs. at this point.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1/2 can tuna (w/ 1/2tbs. mayo, 1tsp. mustard), 1 whole wheat english muffin
S - 2c. green & red grapes
L - 2 roasted chicken wings, blueberry greek yogurt (Oikos), 12 almonds
S - 2 cheese sticks, 1c. roasted garbanzo beans (olive oil, salt, cajun seasoning), 4 squares 60% chocolate, a few dried apple pieces
D - Jalapeno hamburger patty (2 mini w/2tbs. steak sauce), braised cabbage w/bacon (cooked with lemon juice, honey, chicken stock), 4oz. pineapple OJ

Calories = 1,997
Carbs = 214g (40%)
Fat = 86g (36%)
Protein = 128g (24%)

My main pitfall lately (other than soda & eating out) has been eating in the evenings, for some reason I just get RAVENOUS around dinner-time and it carries over into a later evening snack (that is usually very unhealthy).

Well, went a bit outside my meal "plan" a bit. Super hungry around 4-5pm, so that's when all the snacking happened. I need to figure out a way to get more calories without having a ridiculous amount of carbs. This has been my biggest challenge. From various websites, it looks like I need to be getting between 2,100 - 2,400 calories a day, but I can only afford to eat so much meat. I guess I could add in nuts, but for some reason they are NOT AT ALL appealing right now.
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Yesterday was a bit of a bad day, had fast food for lunch, then pasta for dinner... EEK! And it wasn't even all that good/satisfying. Oh well.

B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 pickle, 2 slices of toast with peanut butter (not feeling well this morning for some reason - probably b/c of yesterday's menu!)
S - 1c. green grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - about 1/4c. chicken, steak, green peppers & onions (leftover burrito that was icky), 1c. corn pops, 1/2c. milk
S - 1 cheese stick
D - Ethiopian food!!! 1.5 injera, 1/2c. spicy lentils, 1/2c. beef & potatoes, 1/2c. spicy chicken
S - Strawberry fruit bar

Calories = 2,029
Carbs = 244g (47%)
Fat = 74g (32%)
Protein = 113g (21%)

MUST go grocery shopping tonight. I have no food in the house that's quick and healthy.

I vow to eat healthier tomorrow. This blog should be retitled to "A Blog of Good Intentions" since that's all I ever seem to blog about since pregnant.
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B - 12oz. milk, 1 pickle spear, 1 ww english muffin, 1/2 can tuna (w/mayo & mustard)
S - 1c. grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - 4oz. halibut, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 1/2 avocado
S - 1 cheese stick, 2 dried apricots
D - (mexican restaurant) 1/2 beef taco, 1 beef enchilada, rice & beans, chips & salsa, 12oz. sprite (really wanted a margarita!!)

Calories = 2,105
Carbs = 235g (45%)
Fat = 81g (35%)
Protein = 105g (20%)

Had a good day except for dinner. But hubs suggested it and nothing else would have tasted good after that:). Really wanted another mini blizzard, but was able to control myself... this time!
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Well, I keep falling off the wagon because my cravings are out of control. It's like when I want something, doesn't matter how bad I know it is for me, I HAVE to have it:). Really trying to work on this, though.

B - 1/2 can tuna fish w/mayo & mustard, ww english muffin, 12oz. milk (2%)
S - 1c. green grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - 1 cheese stick, 1.5c. green leaf lettuce, 1/2 avocado, 1/3 tomato, 1/2c. sliced cucumber
S - mini oreo blizzard from DQ, 1 pickle spear
D - (been thinking about this ALL day!) ethiopian take-out! - totally bummed b/c the place was closed so instead its: 4oz. halibut, 1c. brussel sprouts
S - fruit popsicle (Breyer's Pomegranate)

Calories = 1,522
Carbs = 155g (40%)
Fat = 58g (33%)
Protein = 104g (27%)
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