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Didn't drink nearly as much this weekend, so I'm feeling CONSIDERABLY better than I have in previous weeks:).

B - 3 primal chocolate chip cookies, 1c. tilapia mushroom soup

L -

S -

D -

S -
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Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made Shelley at This Primal Life's chocolate chip cookies today. It's been a weekend of so-so eating, so I figured I'd just go ahead and take care of the cravings in the best way possible:).

1 1/4c. almond flour
1/8tsp. baking soda
1/4 - 1/2tsp. kosher salt
3tbs. maple syrup
5tbs. melted butter
1/3c. chocolate chips (I did a mix of semisweet & bittersweet b/c it was what I had on hand)

- Mix dry ingredients together and wet ingredients together. Then put wet into dry and mix until combined. Fold in chocolate chips. Spoon onto waxed/parchment papered cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

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It's finally Friday... the longest week ever:). Hokie game tomorrow, I'm going to try to go easy on the alcohol (actually, the plan is to abstain completely, but I'm not sure I can hold to that since it's going to be cold & rainy).

B - 20oz. coffee (1/2c. vanilla light soymilk, 1 equal), 2 fried eggs, 2tbs. guacamole
*I'm going to cut out the morning coffee to see if this might be causing stomach upset in the mornings.

L - 6oz. tilapia


D - 1 chicken ravioli (waiting on beef to cook), 6oz. beef roast, 2c. cauliflower (made like rice w/ parmesan), eggplant chips (disaster, but I still ate a few)

Carbs= 54g
Calories= 1,593
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Still feeling lousy & nauseated with a headache. I am starting to forget what I felt like when I was healthy:). I miss it & want that feeling back!!!

B - 20oz. coffee (1/2c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal), 2 fried eggs

L - 3 hot dogs, 1 chicken drumstick (hot dogs were kinda yucky, but I have no food in the house!)

S - 1 Larabar (peanut butter cookie)

D - 6oz. tilapia, 2c. brussel sprouts, 1/8c. sunflower seeds (raw)

S - 1 orange

Carbs = 81g
Calories = 1,633

Finally a somewhat clean day!! :)
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B - 20oz. coffee (1/4c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal), 22 R/S almonds

L - 2c. meat sauce, 1/2c. spaghetti squash, 22 R/S almonds

D - 1 Red Robin Bacon Guacamole Burger, 3 cantaloupe wedges
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B - 16oz. latte (1 equal, 1/4c. soymilk), 5 crackers (feeling blah still)

L - 1c. meat sauce, 1/2c. spaghetti squash

S - 2 chicken wings, 22 R/S almonds

PWO - 1 orange

D - 2 tilapia fillets (~6oz.), 1c. meat sauce, 1/4c. spaghetti squash

*later... snacking on frosted flakes!!!!

Can't get my eating in line, I don't know what the deal is. I feel like ass and I'm sure it has something to do with what I'm eating. Gotta get it together!
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B - 20oz. latte (1/4c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal), 1 ham biscuit (my sister-in-law made), 2 eggs (fried), 2tbs. guacamole
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Yahoooo!! It's Friday, finally:).

B - 20oz latte (1/4c. soymilk, 1 equal)

L - 4oz. haddock, 1c. brussel sprouts, 22 R/S almonds, 1tbs. sunflower seeds (not R/S)

S - 10 almonds, 1 orange (pwo)

D - 1 chicken leg (drumstick & thigh), 1c. butternut squash (roasted with olive oil & maple syrup)

S - 8oz latte (1/4c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal)

Plan to do some baking this weekend since I finally have some almond flour in the house. Wish me luck!

Carbs = 79.9g

Calories = 1,328
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B - 20oz. latte (1/2c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal), 1 LARABAR - cherry pie

L - 1/2 hamburger patty, 2 eggs (fried in olive oil), 2tbs. guacamole, 1tbs. sunflower seeds (not roasted or salted), 1tbs. red onions

S - 20oz. diet coke, then 21 almonds at home

D - 1c. brussel sprouts, 8oz. broiled haddock, 1tbs. butter, 1tbs. olive oil

S - 20oz. latte (1/2c light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal)

Carbs = 65.9g

Calories = 1,530
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B - 20oz. latte, 1 LARABAR (apple pie)

L - 1 hamburger patty, 2 fried eggs, 2tbs. guacamole, 20oz. diet coke

D - Spinach salad w/chicken breast, bacon, walnuts & balsamic vinaigrette

S - bad bad bad - cornflakes, guacamole, potato chips & raisins (I'll pay for this tomorrow)
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I feel like ass today... most likely due to an overindulgent weekend of drinking and eating like crap. Plus, I think I'm getting a sinus infection. Super crabby today as well:).

B - 20oz. latte (light vanilla soymilk + 1 equal), 2 eggs, 2tbs. guacamole, a few dried cranberries

L - Burger patty, 1 slice tomato, red onions, 1tbs. guacamole

S - LaraBar (peanut butter cookie)

D - (@Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse in Roanoke) - 4oz. steak & 1/2 chicken breast + grilled veggies, a little rice, small slice of bday cake (couldn't be rude).

Had some anxiety again today and it seems to be closely tied to my diet. Back to clean eating tomorrow and I hope it helps again.
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B - 20oz. latte (1/2c. light vanilla soymilk + 1 equal), 2 fried eggs, 2Tbs. guacamole, 22 R/S almonds

L - 2 fried eggs, 1c. butternut squash salad (w/2tsp. vinaigrette, 2c. lettuce), 16 walnut halves

S - Dried cranberries, dried apricots (when making chocolate bark for tailgate on Saturday)

D - Meat sauce w/ spaghetti squash
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B - 16oz. latte (1/2c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal), 2 fried eggs, 2tbs. guacamole

L - 2 chicken drumsticks (hot sauce), 1/2c. butternut squash, 1c. salad, 1tsp. vinaigrette, about 8 walnut halves

D - Olive Garden - Venetian Apricot Chicken + salad w/dressing

S - 6 dried apricot pieces, 20 R/S almonds

S - 1/2c. butternut squash, 1c. salad, 1tsp. vinaigrette, 8 walnut halves

Carbs = 79.5g
Calories = 1,924
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Roasted Butternut Squash + Dijon Vinaigrette

This is the yummiest vinaigrette and it's super simple to make. You can use any kind of vinegar (which I know isn't EXACTLY paleo, but it's only a little bit).

Dijon Vinaigrette
1 clove garlic
1/2tbs. dijon mustard
1/8c. red wine vinegar
EVOO (to the consistency you want or a little over 1/4c.)
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix mustard, garlic & vinegar, then whisk as you drizzle the olive oil in slowly. Add salt & pepper to taste.

Roasted Butternut Squash

I got this recipe from Ina Garten off Food Network. I love her recipes, but most of them are hard to transform into anything resembling paleo. As soon as I get some almond flour, I might try a few, though.

1 medium sized butternut squash, cubed
1 tbs. maple syrup
2 tbs. olive oil
Salt & pepper

Toss butternut squash cubes with olive oil, maple syrup, salt & pepper. Roast at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. I broiled mine for a little while as well.

Drain on paper towels and enjoy!

Like Ina's recipe, I added walnut halves, but I didn't toast mine and they were still delicious. Next time I have chicken breasts in the house, I'm going to add them to this.
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B - 20oz. latte (1/2c. light vanilla soymilk, 1 equal), 2 eggs, 2Tbs. guacamole

L - Fast (aka too busy at work for a lunch break) + 20oz. diet coke

S - 30 R/S almonds

D - 4oz. salmon, 1/2c. roasted brussel sprouts

D pt.II :) - 1/2c. butternut squash (roasted in maple syrup & evoo), 1c. romaine mix, about 8 walnut halves, 1tbs. dijon vinaigrette. --- This might be THE MOST DELICIOUS salad I've ever had. Topped with a grilled chicken breast or maybe some steak and it would be absolutely unbelievable!!

Recipe to follow shortly...

Carbs = 66g
Calories = 1,194 - gotta up this tomorrow.
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Back on Track - 9.7.09

I fell off the wagon, big time, while on vacation. All the lounging and lack of schedule during the day really took it's toll on me and my willpower. I feel awful... lethargic, bloated, and cloudy-headed.

The great thing about this is that I realize how GREAT I was feeling when eating clean. And to think that I used to feel this way all the time... this yucky diet was my life before. I'm fasting today to help start fresh. I'll have a light dinner tonight and then get back to normal tomorrow morning.

A habit that I might keep is having a soy latte every morning, though... they are just so good. If I still feel gross with them, then I'll cut it out.

B - 1 soy latte, 1 equal

D - 8oz. salmon, 1.5c. brussel sprouts, 30 R/S almonds

S - 1c. celery, carrot & almond salad (w/olive oil & lemon juice)

Carbs = 59.5g

I feel SO much better this evening than I have for the past week. Happy to be back on board! :)
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B - 2 fried eggs, 2Tbs. guacamole, 60 pistachios, 20oz. latte (1/2c. soymilk, 1 equal)

L - 1c. beef roast, 25 R/S almonds

S - 2c. tomato, celery, carrot & feta salad, 120 pistachios (not sure how many, I just ate a ton while watching tv)

D - 6 buffalo wings (spicy garlic sauce), 1 Woodchuck Cider beer

+ late night brownies. I now know I can do nothing in moderation... it's either no cheats or I'm out of control with cheats.

Carbs = 100.2g
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Not even going to post what I ate, it was so shameful. I feel awful and ashamed:). It involved donuts, white rice, corn flakes (not together, though).

Back on track tomorrow and I'm looking forward to not feeling icky. Good thing is that I don't want to cheat again any time soon. It's really not hard to eat clean, not when you make an effort.

I ordered some almond flour this week, so I'm hoping if I get some healthy baked goods recipes under my belt, I can avoid days like today when the urge to eat something yummy is overwhelming.

Great day with family, though! :)

Oh and my new favorite primal/paleo blog is "This Primal Life" by Shelley. She has so many great recipes and just wonderful information. If you haven't already (she was linked on "Mark's Daily Apple"), you should DEFINITELY check her site out. It's great!
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Beef Roast w/Veggies

Recipe from southernfood.about.com.
* 1 boneless beef chuck roast, about 2 to 3 pounds
* 2 teaspoons paprika
* Salt and pepper
* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* 1/2 cup beef broth
* 1/2 cup red wine, such as cabernet or pinot noir, or more beef broth
* 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
* 1 tablespoon honey
* 1 can (6 ounces) tomato paste
* 1 large onion, sliced
* 3 large carrots, cut in 1/2-inch slices
* 3 cloves garlic, minced
* 4 red potatoes (omit if only paleo eaters)
* 2 sweet potatoes

Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat.

Sprinkle the roast all over with salt and pepper, then rub the paprika into all sides. Cook the roast for about 5 minutes on each side to brown.

Meanwhile, combine the broth, wine (if using), tomato paste, vinegar, and honey; set aside. Put the sliced onions, carrots, potatoes and garlic in the bottom of a 5 to 7-quart slow cooker.

Remove the roast from the heat and place it on the vegetables in the slow cooker. Pour the broth mixture into the hot skillet and use a spatula to scrape up any browned bits; pour over the roast in the slow cooker.

Cover and cook on HIGH for 1 hour. Reduce to LOW and cook for 7 to 9 hours longer, or leave on HIGH and cook for 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours longer.

I want to try this with butternut squash or some other paleo friendly veggies (instead of potatoes).
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B - 2 fried eggs, 2Tbs. guacamole, 60 pistachios

S - 20 R/S almonds, 1 apple

L - 1 chicken leg, 30 pistachios, 2tsp. peanut butter

S - 20 oz. latte (+ 2 equals), 1/4c. raisins

D - 2c. beef roast w/ carrots, onions & sweet potatoes (delicious!)

S - 20oz. latte (+ 1 equal), 6 strawberries

Carbs = 125.5g

I'm having a hard time keeping my carbs low lately. Especially since I'm at home most of the day. I'm actually kind of looking forward to fall, when the fruits won't be so delectable and tempting:).

Hopefully I'll be out of the house for most of tomorrow, so this should help. When I'm home, I always feel "snacky". Going crazy with the lattes lately, as well. I figured out how to make them at home... which means I'm in trouble:).
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