Day 10 & 11

Struggling yesterday, almost caved a few times, but slapped myself and pulled it back together.

Breakfast - Frittata w/sausage, onion, tomato, mushrooms, coffee, clementine
Lunch - ham and turkey arugula salad w/tomato, green onion, broccoli, evoo and lemon juice
Snack - 3 larabars (!), raisins, 3 hardboiled eggs
Dinner - 3 chicken drumsticks, kale/collard greens, 1 sweet potato made into 4 fritters (mixed with 1 egg and fried in olive oil)

Took a 30 minute nap with my daughter this evening and then went to bed when she did at 9pm (late for her)!  Must have needed the sleep.

I hope today will be easier.  I know it's just mental b/c I'm eating a TON of food, I just never quite feel satisfied (unusual on paleo, I know).  I guess it just goes to show how far I've strayed.

Breakfast - Leftover frittata from yesterday, 1 apple, coffee

Lunch - somewhere out with my parents, will have to pick best paleo option from what's available - ended up being a burger place so I had a burger patty, banana bread larabar.
Snack - key lime larabar, 2 slices deli meat (ham), 1 hardboiled egg, coffee
Dinner -Bison patties (1.5), 2 squares of Spaghetti Squash Breakfast Bake, arugula salad with evoo and lemon juice.
Snack - larabar & apple (hubby was having peanut butter crackers.... I needed something:)!)


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