Paleo Strawberry Kiwi Ice Cream

Okay, my eating has been atrocious lately and the scale is a good reminder each morning:). Not tracking what I've eaten today b/c it's horribly bad, but I did make some paleo ice cream yesterday to help with my ice cream/sweet cravings in the evenings. It's super easy, took a little from various recipes on the web.

1 quart of strawberries (which is what, 2c. sliced roughly?)
1 can coconut milk
3 kiwis
1/4c. raw honey (or to taste)
1tsp. vanilla extract (or a vanilla bean would be better)

Puree all ingredients together in a blender.
Add to ice cream maker and churn for 30 minutes or so.

It comes out more as a sorbet type dessert, but it is still very delicious and refreshing!

I'll try to remember to post some pics today. It's a very pretty pink color as well!

EDIT: Well, when I went to eat some more of this last night, it was FROZEN SOLID. So you might need to heat it up a bit in the microwave before you'll be able to scoop it out like ice cream (otherwise it would be more of the consistency of shaved ice). But it was delicious just a little bit melted.
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Anniversary of the 4/16 shooting at Virginia Tech. Very sad.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 3 mini primal pancakes (recipe from MDA, 1.2c. almond flour, 1.5 eggs, 1/16tsp. vanilla, 1/16tsp. cinnamon)
S - blueberry yogurt
L - Greek Wrap (chicken, lettuce, feta, black olives, greek dressing), cole slaw (~1/4c.), 1 choc. chip cookie
S - 1 cheese stick
D - ??Depends on if we go to the ball park tonight or if we stay home
S - ??
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Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2hb eggs, 2 slices bacon
S - blueberry yogurt
L - can of tuna fish, lettuce, 6 olives, olive oil & red wine vinegar
S - 1c. strawberries, 1 mini blizzard, 2tbs. peanut butter
D - 4 hot wings, 1 piece of celery, few french fries, 12oz. root beer, pretzel bread w/mustard

Went a little haywire this afternoon after the blizzard. Way over on carbs and slightly over on calories.
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Starting off the day with a boat-load of sugar, so I'll have to keep it very tight for the rest of the day. I figure I will allow myself a bowl of this cereal per week (we'll see how my self control goes on this one!).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 1.5c. Honey Bunches of Oats (almonds) cereal w/ 1/2c. milk
S - blueberry yogurt
L - leftover sausage patties (2 - 5.33oz.), 2 hb eggs, lettuce, 8oz. milk
S - 1c. strawberries
D - Buffalo Chicken Wrap (Salad Creations), no dressing or croutons, sobe fruit punch
S - 1/2oz. almonds (~12), 12oz. milk, 2tbs. peanut butter

*Ravenous for a milkshake, but didn't cave for once.
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Diet is my biggest struggle. Why can I not keep on track?! I'm getting quite frustrated with myself on this. That combined with my lack of exercise has got me a bit bummed this week.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 1 can tuna, 6 olives, lettuce, olive oil & red wine vinegar
S - blueberry yogurt
L - 2 hb eggs (oops, no eggs in the house!), 2 slices bacon, 12 almonds, 1/4c. cottage cheese, 12oz. milk
S - 1c. grapes, 1 cheese stick, 1 pickle spear, 1c. strawberries, 2oz. OJ
D - 2 sausage patties (organic pork), 1 green bell pepper, 1/2 onion
S - 12oz. milk, 24 almonds
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Headache from the diet soda this morning. Hopefully this will teach me a lesson:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. whole milk, 2 hb eggs, 2 slices bacon
S - blueberry yogurt, water
L - leftover quesadilla from Red Robin (2/3)
S - 1c. strawberries, 1 cheese stick, ??
D - chicken & veggie stirfry
S - ??
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Another bad day of eating so far.

B - 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 12oz. whole milk
S - lemon water, blueberry yogurt, 1/2c. strawberries
L - Red Robin (1/3 chicken quesadilla w/black beans, guac, sour cream & salsa), 8oz. lemonade
S - lemon water
D - veggie sub, maybe a few fries, diet pepsi (!!!)
S - 2 hb eggs 1c. corn pops, 1/2c. whole milk

Ugh, meal plan went completely haywire today. Back on track with the no soda rule tomorrow!
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Got ZERO sleep last night, so I am miserable today. I hope my eating today stays on track (unlike yesterday!).

Meal Plan
3AM - 12oz. whole milk to try to help me go back to sleep
B - 1 bagel w/cream cheese (last one, so back to healthy bfasts going forward)
S - lemon water, blueberry yogurt
L - 5-6oz. bbq chicken breast (leftover)
S - 1 cheese stick, mini blizzard from DQ
D - 3oz. flounder, 1c. collard greens, mozz. cheese (~1/2c.?)
S - 1c. corn pops, 1/2c. whole milk

Didn't do so well in the second half of the day...
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Not going to be a good day, I don't think. Having to eat out for lunch which always throws me. Good news though is that our main bathroom is finally going to be usable in a few days!!

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. whole milk, 1 bagel w/cream cheese
S - 1 cheese stick, lemon water
L - hummus pita & fries
S - 1 cheese stick, 1/2tbs. peanut butter, 2 Uganda chocolate squares (80%), 2 strawberries
D - leftover flounder & collard greens instead, we went to Quiznos and I had the following: 1 veggie sammie, 1/2 bowl chili, 12oz. sobe grapefruit something or other
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Meal Plan
Kicking the soda habit - Day 1
B - bagel w/cream cheese, 12oz. milk
S - blueberry yogurt, lots of lemon water
L - 5-6oz. BBQ chicken breast, 2tbs. peanut butter
S - 1 cheese stick, lots of lemon water, navel orange
D - 6oz. flounder, 1c. collard greens (w/chicken broth & garlic), 1c. strawberries
S - Uganda chocolate (80%)- 2 squares
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Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 1 banana, 2 egg muffins (1 slice bacon, 1 egg, 1/4c. mushrooms, 1/8c. cottage cheese, 1/8c. cheddar cheese), 1tbs. peanut butter
S - 20oz. coke
L - 1 stuffed pepper, 1tbs. peanut butter
S - blueberry yogurt, 1 cheese stick, 2tbs. peanut butter
D -
S -
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The weight keeps packing on! I swear, start Saturday, all soda will be cut out of my diet. That's got to be where it's coming from. I doubt the baby is growing THIS much this fast:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 1 banana, 2 egg muffins (1 egg, 1/8c. cottage cheese, 1/8c. cheddar cheese, mushrooms, 1 slice of bacon)
S - 16oz. diet coke, 1 cheese stick
L - leftover chicken stirfry, 1/4 navel orange, slice of PB egg :(
S - blueberry yogurt (Oikos), 1 cheese stick, 2tbs. peanut butter
D - Stuffed peppers (2), 1c. roasted garbanzo beans
S - ginger ale (12oz.)
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Starting off the day eating like crap. I just need to work at making the rest of the day MUCH better:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 hot dogs (on buns)
S - 16oz. diet coke, 1c. cantaloupe
L - leftover pulled pork & brussel sprouts, 1/4 navel orange
S - 1 cheese stick, blueberry yogurt (Oikos)
D - Spinach salad w/chicken breast, bacon, walnuts, & balsalmic vinaigrette (about 2tsp.), 12oz. pepsi, 2 dinner rolls (w/Mom)
S - 12oz. ginger ale, 2c. cantaloupe
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Adam brought home HUGE chocolate/peanut butter Easter eggs last night. I don't know how I'm going to resist that! I should probably just throw mine away, but I can't do that:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 HB eggs, 1/2 navel orange
S - 20oz. coke
L - leftover chicken & veggie stirfy from last night (no rice, but soy sauce)
S - 1 cheese stick, blueberry yogurt (Oikos), 2tbs. peanut butter, 1 small banana
D - Garlic Pulled Pork, 1c. brussel sprouts (roasted w/olive oil), 12oz. ginger ale
S - 2c. cantaloupe slice of PB egg
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Still exhausted, but I managed to fight the urge to just pop a pop-tart in the toaster and made some hb eggs instead. It was a tough battle:).

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 HB eggs, 1/2 grapefruit
S - 20oz. coke
L - Stuffed Pepper, 1tbs. peanut butter
S - Oikos blueberry yogurt, 2tbs. peanut butter, 1 navel orange, 2 dark chocolate squares
D - salmon (8oz.), 2c. broccoli (w/lemon & butter), sliced almonds
S - strawberry popsicle
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Running WAY late this morning. Got no sleep last night and just feeling a bit like I'm dragging myself through the day so far.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, 2 cheese sticks, 1/2 grapefruit
S - 20oz. coke
L - Stuffed Pepper
S - 1 cheese stick, blueberry yogurt (Oikos Organic), 2tbs. natural PB, leftover mussels (Olive garden), 2 strawberry poptarts (first big fail (other than the breadsticks yesterday, of course!))
D - Stuffed Pepper patties
S - 1.5c. cantaloupe
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Meal Plan
B - 4 slices of bacon, 2 HB eggs, 12oz. milk
S - 20oz. coke
L - Green pepper w/stuffing (MDA recipe mentioned yesterday)
S - Blueberry yogurt (Oikos Organic)
D - 1/2 order Olive Garden Mussels (appetizer), salad, diet coke (maybe) + 2 breadsticks (ugh, but they were good dipped in the mussel's sauce:)!)
S - 1 cheese stick, 1 navel orange, 1.5tbs. peanut butter

I think I might be allergic to celery now. I had a horrible reaction a few hours after eating it yesterday. Hopefully this is just a pregnancy thing b/c I love celery!

Seriously stuffed yesterday and I didn't even eat all that much! What a nice feeling. Especially since with all the processed/carb-heavy stuff I've been eating lately, I'm usually continuously hungry in the evenings.
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Per suggestions from a commenter, I am not going to track calories on here anymore, but instead just work at eating as much healthy food as I want. It will definitely be a work in progress and I'm not giving up dairy, but hopefully this new tactic will allow me to relax a bit and keep the pregnancy weight gain in check.

I'm currently reading "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple, so I hope to incorporate more of this lifestyle and food going forward.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk, carrot/celery/almond salad, 2 HB eggs
S - 20oz. coke (so much for giving this up!), Oikos Blueberry yogurt
L - 2 celery stalks w/PB, 2 small chicken thighs
S - 1 cheese stick, 1.5c. cantaloupe
D - MDA Stuffed Peppers, minus the green pepper (made the filling into patties - total of 1.5c.), 1 cheese stick
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Okay, so my weight gain has been more than I had anticipated, so I'm going to try to get stricter with my diet. Had a bit of a wake-up call this morning when I stepped on the scale and it has me at 12lbs. up from my pre-pregnancy weight and I want to only be at about 8lbs. at this point.

Meal Plan
B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1/2 can tuna (w/ 1/2tbs. mayo, 1tsp. mustard), 1 whole wheat english muffin
S - 2c. green & red grapes
L - 2 roasted chicken wings, blueberry greek yogurt (Oikos), 12 almonds
S - 2 cheese sticks, 1c. roasted garbanzo beans (olive oil, salt, cajun seasoning), 4 squares 60% chocolate, a few dried apple pieces
D - Jalapeno hamburger patty (2 mini w/2tbs. steak sauce), braised cabbage w/bacon (cooked with lemon juice, honey, chicken stock), 4oz. pineapple OJ

Calories = 1,997
Carbs = 214g (40%)
Fat = 86g (36%)
Protein = 128g (24%)

My main pitfall lately (other than soda & eating out) has been eating in the evenings, for some reason I just get RAVENOUS around dinner-time and it carries over into a later evening snack (that is usually very unhealthy).

Well, went a bit outside my meal "plan" a bit. Super hungry around 4-5pm, so that's when all the snacking happened. I need to figure out a way to get more calories without having a ridiculous amount of carbs. This has been my biggest challenge. From various websites, it looks like I need to be getting between 2,100 - 2,400 calories a day, but I can only afford to eat so much meat. I guess I could add in nuts, but for some reason they are NOT AT ALL appealing right now.
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Yesterday was a bit of a bad day, had fast food for lunch, then pasta for dinner... EEK! And it wasn't even all that good/satisfying. Oh well.

B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 pickle, 2 slices of toast with peanut butter (not feeling well this morning for some reason - probably b/c of yesterday's menu!)
S - 1c. green grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - about 1/4c. chicken, steak, green peppers & onions (leftover burrito that was icky), 1c. corn pops, 1/2c. milk
S - 1 cheese stick
D - Ethiopian food!!! 1.5 injera, 1/2c. spicy lentils, 1/2c. beef & potatoes, 1/2c. spicy chicken
S - Strawberry fruit bar

Calories = 2,029
Carbs = 244g (47%)
Fat = 74g (32%)
Protein = 113g (21%)

MUST go grocery shopping tonight. I have no food in the house that's quick and healthy.

I vow to eat healthier tomorrow. This blog should be retitled to "A Blog of Good Intentions" since that's all I ever seem to blog about since pregnant.
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B - 12oz. milk, 1 pickle spear, 1 ww english muffin, 1/2 can tuna (w/mayo & mustard)
S - 1c. grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - 4oz. halibut, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 1/2 avocado
S - 1 cheese stick, 2 dried apricots
D - (mexican restaurant) 1/2 beef taco, 1 beef enchilada, rice & beans, chips & salsa, 12oz. sprite (really wanted a margarita!!)

Calories = 2,105
Carbs = 235g (45%)
Fat = 81g (35%)
Protein = 105g (20%)

Had a good day except for dinner. But hubs suggested it and nothing else would have tasted good after that:). Really wanted another mini blizzard, but was able to control myself... this time!
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Well, I keep falling off the wagon because my cravings are out of control. It's like when I want something, doesn't matter how bad I know it is for me, I HAVE to have it:). Really trying to work on this, though.

B - 1/2 can tuna fish w/mayo & mustard, ww english muffin, 12oz. milk (2%)
S - 1c. green grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - 1 cheese stick, 1.5c. green leaf lettuce, 1/2 avocado, 1/3 tomato, 1/2c. sliced cucumber
S - mini oreo blizzard from DQ, 1 pickle spear
D - (been thinking about this ALL day!) ethiopian take-out! - totally bummed b/c the place was closed so instead its: 4oz. halibut, 1c. brussel sprouts
S - fruit popsicle (Breyer's Pomegranate)

Calories = 1,522
Carbs = 155g (40%)
Fat = 58g (33%)
Protein = 104g (27%)
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Well, today is my first no-soda day. I am miserable and cranky. I guess I was more dependent on the caffeine/sugar rush than I realized!

B - 2 eggs, 1tbs. butter, 12oz. milk (2%)
S - 8oz. OJ, 2 cheese sticks, 1/2c. grapes
L - 4oz. chicken breast, 1tbs. guacamole, 1tbs. salsa, 1/8c. cheese blend
S - 1/3c. honey bunches of oats w/almonds, 1/4c. milk (2%), 1c. pineapple, 2 pickle spears, 3 Reese's peanut butter eggs (BINGE! but oh so good!)
D - Edamame (1c. edible portion), low-sodium soy sauce, 1c. roasted garbanzo beans (w/olive oil), 12oz. milk

Calories = 2,429
Carbs = 225g (37%)
Fat = 117g (43%)
Protein = 124g (20%)

I have been RAVENOUS for the past two days. It's like I can't get enough fruit/dairy to be satisfied. My weight has been steadily climbing, I'm up 7lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight today, so I'm trying to keep myself in check. Apparently, baby has other ideas. Over on everything today. :(

p.s. I REALLY want a coke:).
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B - 12oz. milk (2%), honey bunches of oats w/almonds (1.5c.) w/milk
S - 20oz. coke
L - 1/2c. oikos vanilla yogurt, 1/2c. blueberries, 1 cheese stick
S - 1 cheese stick
D - 1 veggie sub
S - 1 strawberry popsicle, 1c. grapes

Calories = 1,736
Carbs = 290g (67%)
Fat = 38g (20%)
Protein = 56g (13%)

Didn't eat so well today, my protein was way low and, as usual, my carbs are WAY high.
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Why can I not keep my carbs down?! It's driving me crazy, but I seem to have no self control.

B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 rice crispies treat, whole wheat english muffin, 1/2 can tuna (w/mayo & mustard)
S - 20oz. coke, 1 cheese stick
L - 1 bowl Quizno's chili, 1c. pineapple
S - 2 cheese sticks, 1/2c. Oikos vanilla yogurt, 1/2c. blueberries, 8oz. lemonade
D - 1/2 burrito (1 egg, 1/4 onion, 1/2 can rotel tomatoes w/chiles, slices jalapenos, 1tbs. guacamole, 1tbs. sour cream, 1/4c. cheese blend), 1c. purple grapes

Calories = 2,117
Carbs = 301 (56%)
Fat = 59 (25%)
Protein = 104 (19%)
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Hello extra 6lbs.:) I'm up from my pre-pregnancy weight by 6lbs. Which is okay, I think (everything is conflicting on how much to gain when, so I'm just kind of giving up on that one).

I've been eating like a bad person lately, but I really want to start to focus again. I feel really great (and have an appetite to match!) so there's no excuse for eating breakfast cereal like I have been.

B - 12oz. milk, honey bunches of oats w/almonds cereal + milk, 1 apple, 1oz. brie
S - 20oz. coke
L - 1 jalapeno burger (2.5oz. or so) w/2tbs. A-1 sauce, salad w/tomato, cucumber and red wine vinaigrette dressing
S - 1 cheese stick, 12oz. milk, 1 caramel cadbury egg!!
D - Outback w/my parents - 1/2 order chick on the barbie, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet tea
S -

Calories = 2,092
Carbs = 240 (46%)
Fat = 84 (36%)
Protein = 96 (18%)

Well, the plan was to do well today... didn't quite make it there!

It's funny, on the website where I track my food, it shows my carbs as only being 73% of my recommended daily allowance. And my protein level is OFF THE CHARTS:). I wish I could change it b/c it irritates me to look at the red numbers for the protein and fat when really, I consider them low! Oh well:).
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B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1/2 banana
B#2 - Cracker Barrel - 1 bacon biscuit, hashbrown casserole, few bites of apples, 2.5c. coffee w/2.5 creamers
L - Indian chicken curry w/rice, naan & raita, coke
S -
D -
S - 1c. grapes

Carbs = g (%)
Fat = g (%)
Protein = g (%)
Calories =
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B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 cupcake (2 halves actually)
S - 1 apple
L - 1 pork chop, salad w/tomato, cucumber & vinaigrette, 12oz. milk (2%) + 1/2 cupcake (Bad bad bad... I walked in the door STARVING and instead of waiting to make the salad, I scarfed half a cupcake in no time flat:)haha)
S - 1 cheese stick, 1 cupcake, 16oz. coke
D - 4oz. steak, salad (w/tomato, cucumber & vinaigrette)
S - 12oz. milk (2%)

Carbs = 220g (46%)
Fat = 67g (31%)
Protein = 112g (23%)
Calories = 1,894
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B - 12oz. milk (2%), slice of cookie cake (this should be gone soon!)
S - 1 navel orange, cheese stick
L - 1 pork chop, 1/2c. peas, 1 sweet potato (mashed with 1/3tbs. butter & heavy cream)
S - cheese stick, fruit popsicle
D - bday dinner, not sure what Adam has planned -- UPDATE: king crab legs w/butter, 12oz. milk... YUM!!

Carbs = 156 (30%)
Fat = 81 (36%)
Protein = 169 (34%)
Calories = 2,019

Hubs also brought home a half dozen designer cupcakes... so sweet! But so bad for me. I guess that's my breakfast for the next week or so:).
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Not going to post for today, I started the day with a slice of cookie cake. And dinner tonight with Mom is going to be a cheat meal of mac'n'cheese & a milkshake. It's what I've been craving and I refuse to feel guilty about it.... okay, maybe a little:).

Over on calories, WAY over on carbs. And tomorrow is my 28th birthday, so I should eat clean (after the binge today), but I probably won't.

Good news is that I'm sharing the cookie cake with my co-workers, so it won't tempt me for much longer:).
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B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 navel orange, 4 slices of bacon
S - 16oz. coke
L - 2 mini jalapeno burgers (5oz.) w/2tbs. A-1 sauce
S - 1 cheese stick, 1 fruit popsicle, 12oz. milk (2%)
S#2 - sliver of frosted chocolate chip cookie cake!
D - 3oz. cod, 1 sweet potato w/1tbs. butter & heavy cream (maybe some maple syrup, but hopefully I'll like them enough without) XXX 1 pork chop, sweet potatoes same as above (no maple syrup), 1c. peas
S - 1c. grapes

Carbs = 243g (43%)
Fat = 88g (37%)
Protein = 113g (20%)
Calories = 2,153

Doing good today, or at least that's the plan! ---- plan backfired when a cookie cake three times the size of my head was delivered to the house:). Had a small sliver, but still. Also, didn't feel like fish, so made pork chops instead (hubby will appreciate this!).
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Well, tracking food has really gone by the wayside. Mostly because of two reasons, laziness and I've been eating like a maniac. I'm getting quite puffy, so I really need to get my diet back on track.

B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 navel orange, 1 string cheese
S - 1 coke (16oz.) - WEAKNESS!!
L - 1/2c. white rice, 3/4c. jambalaya
S - 1 string cheese, 12oz. milk (2%), 1 fruit popsicle
D - 5oz. jalapeno hamburger patty (garlic, jalapeno, egg, Worcestershire sauce) w/A-1 sauce, 1.5c. grapes
S - 2tbs. peanut butter

Carbs = 184g (46%)
Fat = 60g (36%)
Protein = 73g (18%)
Calories = 1,792

Need to up my calories with good food, not empty carbs. I will work on this (& I will just keep repeating this to myself until I actually do it!). Soda has recently become a crutch, so this is another thing I need to work on.
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Not as good today...

B - 2 eggs scrambled (1tbs. cream, 1/2tbs. butter), 1/2 avocado, 12oz. chocolate milk, 1c. grapes
S - 1 cheese stick
L - 1/2 chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich (plain), 1 med. fries, 1 med. sweet tea
S - 1/2 leftover sandwich, 4oz. goat's milk
D - something with 0 carbs:) -- not quite - veggie sushi (avocado, cucumber, kampyo)

Calories = 2,075
Carbs = 284g
Fat = 74g
Protein = 82g

Well, so much for keeping carbs down. The sushi was delicious, though, and just what I was craving! :)
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Looking at a day with carbs below 150g! This is a record for me over the past few days/weeks. I have trouble keeping my carbs under 300g most days! Still not paleo, but I'm really working at it. I hope to get there eventually...

B - 12oz. milk (w/chocolate syrup), 2 eggs (scrambled w/1tbs. heavy cream & 1/2tbs. butter), 1/2 avocado, 1c. green grapes
S - part skim mozzarella cheese stick
L - 1c. meat lasagna, 1 PB&J on wheat sandwich (not paleo, no other food in the house)
S - part skim mozzarella cheese stick
D - Red Robin burger w/o bun, 1 french fry

Calories = 1,983
Carbs = 145g (28%)
Fat = 116g (51%)
Protein = 109g (21%)

Woo hoo! Now, if I can only curb the after dinner cravings for some rainbow sherbet or chocolate! :) We'll see. I might be eating more grapes tonight, so that will put my carb count over for the day.
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B - 1.5c. cheerios, 1/2c. milk (1%), 12oz. apple juice, 1 mandarin orange (I can't seem to get enough of these little oranges!)
S - 1 cheese stick, 1 mandarin orange
L -
S -
D -
S -

Carbs =
Protein =
Fat =
Calories =
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I vow to eat better today! :)

B - 8oz. apple juice, 3 eggs (scrambled with 1/2tbs. butter and 2tbs. heavy cream), 1 mandarin orange
S - 1/2 cucumber w/salt, 1 mandarin orange
L - leftover salmon (4oz.), 1c. collard greens XX tried, but gagged on this, ate a bowl of cheerios instead.
D - steak & cheese sandwich w/fries and Sierra Mist (bad, but I was craving it)
S - Popsicle, mandarin orange, 8oz. OJ, mozzarella stick (late)

Carbs = 325g
Protein = 81g
Fat = 89g
Calories = 2,160

Well, dinner really screwed up my totals for today, but it was a rough day. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow. It's hard to eat healthy when my body is rejecting that good food sometimes:). The fries were delicious with dinner, but seriously bad for me!
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Started off with a bad breakfast this morning. I had to go to the dentist early AM, so I wanted to have something quick. And I know cheerios sits well on my iffy stomach lately.

B - 1c. cheerios, 1/2 c. 1% milk, 1 mandarin orange
S - 1/2 cucumber w/salt, 1 mandarin orange
L - Bojangles Egg & Cheese biscuit (planned on Subway, but apparently they are closed!)
D - hot wings! (6 w/spicy garlic sauce), 12oz. sprite
S - 1.5 mandarin oranges, 8oz. orange juice, 1 celery stick, 2tbs. cream cheese

Carbs = 179g
Protein = 54g
Fat = 90g
Calories = 1,733

HORRIBLE migraine this evening. Had it lingering all afternoon and it hit hard after the hot wings.

I want to get my protein and fat a little higher and my carbs a little lower, but progress. Bad eating today due to two appts. that threw me off schedule.
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It's a new year and hopefully I'll get back to blogging more regularly soon. I'm finally feeling up to eating real foods again and I am getting back into paleo (for the most part, but I still plan to eat dairy). I'm not going to worry about zone right now, just trying to focus on eating good, quality food (it'll be a work in progress to start out).

B - 3 eggs (scrambled w/heavy cream), 8oz. sweet tea
S - 8oz. sweet tea, 15 almonds, 1/8 of an apple (I think it's going bad, so stopped eating it)
L - 4oz. salmon, 1c. collard greens (chicken broth, garlic, red pepper flakes)
S - 1 mozzarella cheese stick, 1 popsicle (NOT paleo, but I gotta finish off the box), 20oz. fanta (tsk tsk tsk)
D - 1 stalk celery w/cream cheese, 1 chicken breast (3-4oz.), 1c. couscous w/parmesan
S - 8 oz. orange juice

Carbs = 383g
Protein = 94g
Fat = 60g
Calories = 1,804

WOW, I am WAY over on my carbs and way low on my fat. But at least it's a place to start again.
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