Avoiding the pitfalls...

How do you avoid the temptations to have just one cookie, or just one cracker, or just one box of cereal:)?

I've been having a hard time avoiding "cheat" foods on the weekends, especially when we aren't busy doing stuff all weekend and instead are lounging around watching TV. It's when I'm bored that I'm most susceptible to temptation.

I've always been a "grazer", meaning I would eat ALL DAY LONG. I have found that as I've gotten stricter with my diet, the need to graze subsides. I'm actually satisfied after a meal, which is a totally new concept for me.

However, my biggest pitfall is... my husband. Not to pick on him or anything, but he eats the way he wants, and that is his choice. But having the snacky/goody type foods in the house makes it REALLY hard when I'm feeling my willpower weaken.

I'm not sure how to deal with this. I try to pressure him to eat the way I do, but that's not exactly fair. He didn't pressure me (overly much) when I chose to remove meat from my diet. So who am I to tell him to eat the way I currently do?

I guess I just need to remove the option from my brain somehow. I mean, I could do it with meat and never had a slip-up, not once. I could always talk myself out of any cravings I had. With junk food, I have a harder time. :)

I'm going to challenge myself for the next 2 weeks to go 100% cheat free (I gotta start somewhere). I won't be 100% paleo, b/c I'll still eat peanut butter and the occasional dairy, but no junk food at all.

I think if I just take a stand, it will help with my weak times.


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