I vow to eat better today! :)

B - 8oz. apple juice, 3 eggs (scrambled with 1/2tbs. butter and 2tbs. heavy cream), 1 mandarin orange
S - 1/2 cucumber w/salt, 1 mandarin orange
L - leftover salmon (4oz.), 1c. collard greens XX tried, but gagged on this, ate a bowl of cheerios instead.
D - steak & cheese sandwich w/fries and Sierra Mist (bad, but I was craving it)
S - Popsicle, mandarin orange, 8oz. OJ, mozzarella stick (late)

Carbs = 325g
Protein = 81g
Fat = 89g
Calories = 2,160

Well, dinner really screwed up my totals for today, but it was a rough day. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow. It's hard to eat healthy when my body is rejecting that good food sometimes:). The fries were delicious with dinner, but seriously bad for me!


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