Looking at a day with carbs below 150g! This is a record for me over the past few days/weeks. I have trouble keeping my carbs under 300g most days! Still not paleo, but I'm really working at it. I hope to get there eventually...

B - 12oz. milk (w/chocolate syrup), 2 eggs (scrambled w/1tbs. heavy cream & 1/2tbs. butter), 1/2 avocado, 1c. green grapes
S - part skim mozzarella cheese stick
L - 1c. meat lasagna, 1 PB&J on wheat sandwich (not paleo, no other food in the house)
S - part skim mozzarella cheese stick
D - Red Robin burger w/o bun, 1 french fry

Calories = 1,983
Carbs = 145g (28%)
Fat = 116g (51%)
Protein = 109g (21%)

Woo hoo! Now, if I can only curb the after dinner cravings for some rainbow sherbet or chocolate! :) We'll see. I might be eating more grapes tonight, so that will put my carb count over for the day.


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