Hello extra 6lbs.:) I'm up from my pre-pregnancy weight by 6lbs. Which is okay, I think (everything is conflicting on how much to gain when, so I'm just kind of giving up on that one).

I've been eating like a bad person lately, but I really want to start to focus again. I feel really great (and have an appetite to match!) so there's no excuse for eating breakfast cereal like I have been.

B - 12oz. milk, honey bunches of oats w/almonds cereal + milk, 1 apple, 1oz. brie
S - 20oz. coke
L - 1 jalapeno burger (2.5oz. or so) w/2tbs. A-1 sauce, salad w/tomato, cucumber and red wine vinaigrette dressing
S - 1 cheese stick, 12oz. milk, 1 caramel cadbury egg!!
D - Outback w/my parents - 1/2 order chick on the barbie, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet tea
S -

Calories = 2,092
Carbs = 240 (46%)
Fat = 84 (36%)
Protein = 96 (18%)

Well, the plan was to do well today... didn't quite make it there!

It's funny, on the www.dailyplate.com website where I track my food, it shows my carbs as only being 73% of my recommended daily allowance. And my protein level is OFF THE CHARTS:). I wish I could change it b/c it irritates me to look at the red numbers for the protein and fat when really, I consider them low! Oh well:).


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