Well, tracking food has really gone by the wayside. Mostly because of two reasons, laziness and I've been eating like a maniac. I'm getting quite puffy, so I really need to get my diet back on track.

B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 navel orange, 1 string cheese
S - 1 coke (16oz.) - WEAKNESS!!
L - 1/2c. white rice, 3/4c. jambalaya
S - 1 string cheese, 12oz. milk (2%), 1 fruit popsicle
D - 5oz. jalapeno hamburger patty (garlic, jalapeno, egg, Worcestershire sauce) w/A-1 sauce, 1.5c. grapes
S - 2tbs. peanut butter

Carbs = 184g (46%)
Fat = 60g (36%)
Protein = 73g (18%)
Calories = 1,792

Need to up my calories with good food, not empty carbs. I will work on this (& I will just keep repeating this to myself until I actually do it!). Soda has recently become a crutch, so this is another thing I need to work on.


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