Yesterday was a bit of a bad day, had fast food for lunch, then pasta for dinner... EEK! And it wasn't even all that good/satisfying. Oh well.

B - 12oz. milk (2%), 1 pickle, 2 slices of toast with peanut butter (not feeling well this morning for some reason - probably b/c of yesterday's menu!)
S - 1c. green grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - about 1/4c. chicken, steak, green peppers & onions (leftover burrito that was icky), 1c. corn pops, 1/2c. milk
S - 1 cheese stick
D - Ethiopian food!!! 1.5 injera, 1/2c. spicy lentils, 1/2c. beef & potatoes, 1/2c. spicy chicken
S - Strawberry fruit bar

Calories = 2,029
Carbs = 244g (47%)
Fat = 74g (32%)
Protein = 113g (21%)

MUST go grocery shopping tonight. I have no food in the house that's quick and healthy.

I vow to eat healthier tomorrow. This blog should be retitled to "A Blog of Good Intentions" since that's all I ever seem to blog about since pregnant.


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