Meal Plan
B - 4 slices of bacon, 2 HB eggs, 12oz. milk
S - 20oz. coke
L - Green pepper w/stuffing (MDA recipe mentioned yesterday)
S - Blueberry yogurt (Oikos Organic)
D - 1/2 order Olive Garden Mussels (appetizer), salad, diet coke (maybe) + 2 breadsticks (ugh, but they were good dipped in the mussel's sauce:)!)
S - 1 cheese stick, 1 navel orange, 1.5tbs. peanut butter

I think I might be allergic to celery now. I had a horrible reaction a few hours after eating it yesterday. Hopefully this is just a pregnancy thing b/c I love celery!

Seriously stuffed yesterday and I didn't even eat all that much! What a nice feeling. Especially since with all the processed/carb-heavy stuff I've been eating lately, I'm usually continuously hungry in the evenings.


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