Well, I keep falling off the wagon because my cravings are out of control. It's like when I want something, doesn't matter how bad I know it is for me, I HAVE to have it:). Really trying to work on this, though.

B - 1/2 can tuna fish w/mayo & mustard, ww english muffin, 12oz. milk (2%)
S - 1c. green grapes, 1 cheese stick
L - 1 cheese stick, 1.5c. green leaf lettuce, 1/2 avocado, 1/3 tomato, 1/2c. sliced cucumber
S - mini oreo blizzard from DQ, 1 pickle spear
D - (been thinking about this ALL day!) ethiopian take-out! - totally bummed b/c the place was closed so instead its: 4oz. halibut, 1c. brussel sprouts
S - fruit popsicle (Breyer's Pomegranate)

Calories = 1,522
Carbs = 155g (40%)
Fat = 58g (33%)
Protein = 104g (27%)


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