Back on Track - 9.7.09

I fell off the wagon, big time, while on vacation. All the lounging and lack of schedule during the day really took it's toll on me and my willpower. I feel awful... lethargic, bloated, and cloudy-headed.

The great thing about this is that I realize how GREAT I was feeling when eating clean. And to think that I used to feel this way all the time... this yucky diet was my life before. I'm fasting today to help start fresh. I'll have a light dinner tonight and then get back to normal tomorrow morning.

A habit that I might keep is having a soy latte every morning, though... they are just so good. If I still feel gross with them, then I'll cut it out.

B - 1 soy latte, 1 equal

D - 8oz. salmon, 1.5c. brussel sprouts, 30 R/S almonds

S - 1c. celery, carrot & almond salad (w/olive oil & lemon juice)

Carbs = 59.5g

I feel SO much better this evening than I have for the past week. Happy to be back on board! :)


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