Fat Challenge Day 14 - 8.13.09

I have been bad... I've been weighing despite my promise not to. I'm up 2lbs. from yesterday! Although, yesterday, I was down 2lbs. So basically, I haven't lost any weight despite cutting out refined carbs for about 2 weeks and keeping all carbs under 100g/day (most of the time pretty close to 80g). I'm keeping with it in hopes that eventually the weight will drop off. I finished off another jar of natural peanut butter last night, so maybe that's the problem? I plan to cut that out going forward, as well as continue to limit my consumption of Crystal Light.

I need to get back to doing CrossFit as well. I've taken almost a week off, but that's enough.

I did walk both dogs last night, though! :)

B - 2 eggs (fried), 1.5c. kale w/pine nuts, 30 almonds

L - Meat sauce w/spaghetti squash (~2c. total), 21 almonds, 6 brazil nuts

S - 15 almonds

D - 1 chicken leg (thigh & drumstick, tandoori marinade) + 2c. roasted cauliflower w/garam marsala + 30 almonds

S - 1c. frozen berries (thawed) + 9 pecan halves + 2tsp. coconut flakes

Carbs = 73.3g

Well, I decided to take measurements today to see if I'd lost any inches since the weight isn't coming off the scale. And I've lost about an inch off every part I measured (waist, hips, thigh, calf). So that makes me feel a little better! :) Last time I measured was June 2009.


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