I feel like ass today... most likely due to an overindulgent weekend of drinking and eating like crap. Plus, I think I'm getting a sinus infection. Super crabby today as well:).

B - 20oz. latte (light vanilla soymilk + 1 equal), 2 eggs, 2tbs. guacamole, a few dried cranberries

L - Burger patty, 1 slice tomato, red onions, 1tbs. guacamole

S - LaraBar (peanut butter cookie)

D - (@Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse in Roanoke) - 4oz. steak & 1/2 chicken breast + grilled veggies, a little rice, small slice of bday cake (couldn't be rude).

Had some anxiety again today and it seems to be closely tied to my diet. Back to clean eating tomorrow and I hope it helps again.


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