Well, I haven't been keeping up with this food log AGAIN!  It's so hard to find the time to do anything other than work, cook, and take care of the baby (who has been teething for the past THREE months!!).  I'm hoping things will calm down a little once her teeth break through, at least enough for her to be okay being held by someone other than me.

So, enough belly-aching and back to the topic of this blog... paleo food.  To be perfectly honest, we fell off the wagon big time last week.  Between the baby, hectic work schedule and my dog being violently ill (and puking SEVEN times in one day), I was weak and I have no shame in admitting it.  When you're first trying to change a lifestyle, there will be pitfalls.  The important thing is that we're back on board and miracle of all miracles, my husband was anxious to start back with the paleo diet again.  He was complaining about how awful he felt after our non-paleo meal choices.  I even heard him excitedly talking to his mom & grandma about it during their visit yesterday.  I'm so happy that he's happy with this because I definitely want us on the same page since our daughter is getting much more interested in what we're eating now and is almost to the point where we will start sharing some food with her.

So, meals for today:

Breakfast - smoothie for him; leftover frittata for me (I made a big frittata on Sunday morning that I could get four breakfasts out of - 6 eggs, 1/2 green pepper, leftover garlic pulled pork from Saturday, 1 onion, 1/2 zucchini)

Snack - cashews for me and about 4oz. of the smoothie Adam made.

Lunch - leftover pork chop from dinner last night + leftover chili for me,
Meat sauce with penne (despite the fact that I heated up a pork chop for him! ugh)

Snack -cashews, wine, no sugar added applesauce

Dinner - 2 eggs, 2c. baby spinach, fried in bacon grease for me,
Leftover outback steak + steamed broccoli for him

Snack - 1 tangerine, handful of dark chocolate chips

I know we'll probably have many more stumbles along the way, but I don't expect us to be perfect and want to allow for "cheats" every once in awhile.  I was so overwhelmed with cooking three meals/day and planning for snacks along with additional stress of work/baby/dog that it was nice to just be able to let it go for a bit.

That being said, I came across this post on Robb Wolf's site and the hubs and I plan to start doing better with prepping easy meals for the week on the weekends.  This should help take some of the pressure off me during the week if we're having a particularly hard day or something.


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