Paleo Challenge Day 4

STRESSED with work these past few days and seriously craving some comfort food because of it.  Adam is really struggling with only drinking water, but doing great otherwise.  I'm doing better with my plain water and am really thirsty all the time, but craving sweets something fierce!

Breakfast (Him):  Smoothie, same as yesterday

Breakfast (Me):
1 banana
2 eggs, over easy
2 slices bacon
1/2c. spinach cooked in bacon grease
black coffee

Snack: (Me)
roasted pecan butter (~2tbs.)
1/2c. no-sugar applesauce

Snack (Him):
2oz. chicken breast

Lunch (Me):
Spicy chili chicken soup, leftover

Lunch (Him):
2 leftover hamburger patties
salted cashews

Snack (Me):
2oz. turkey breast
salted cashews (~1c. - BINGE!)

Not sure, either spaghetti squash with meat sauce (Adam has refused to eat this)
or maybe something like sausage patties w/green peppers & onions
or shrimp over spinach salad - wish strawberries were in season

Alright, making myself hungry, need to get off the computer.

Dinner ended up being shrimp roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper then coated in chili garlic sauce. I ate zucchini fritters as well (1 zucchini, 1 egg, 1 slice of bacon). I don't think hubs was crazy about this dinner. He made the comment tonight that he's done with eating vegetables.  Uh oh! :)


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