Paleo Challenge Day 7

Okay, we are going to lunch with some friends of ours today, so the food may not be 100% paleo, but we will do our best to make good choices today (have to make up for the splurge of yesterday).

Breakfast (Me):
Black coffee
2 eggs, over easy
1c. spinach (in bacon grease)
2 slices bacon

Breakfast (Him):
2 eggs, scrambled in EVOO
2 slices bacon
4oz. OJ/Pineapple

Lunch (Me):
8oz. steak w/ grilled fruit (2 slices of banana, 2 slices of apple, 2 slices pineapple)

Lunch (Him):
5oz. steak, 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2c. steamed broccoli

Snack (Him):
1 orange
1 lemon Larabar
dried apricots

Snack (Me):
black coffee
3 slices, dried peaches

Dinner (Me):
1 orange
2tbs. walnut butter
handful of salted/roasted cashews


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