Paleo Challenge Day 3

Adam had some pep in his step this morning!  It was great to see:).  He got a bunch of sleep last night, so I think that helped (and it meant he wasn't up watching tv and thinking about being hungry!).

Breakfast: Me
1 banana
lots of black coffee
~4oz. chicken breast, leftover from chicken fajita on Monday
1/2 gala apple
1/4c. raisins + 1/4c. roasted walnuts/hazelnut
4oz. of Adam's smoothie

Breakfast: Him
Smoothie with 1 banana, strawberries, egg white protein powder, green tea, fish oil, & flaxseeds

Chicken Chili Soup (courtesy of minus the cilantro plus spinach (about 1c.)
2 tbs. pecan butter (Kate)

Turkey breast, roasted pecans (Kate)
Larabar, clementine, apple (Adam)

Cooking dinner snack (Kate):
dried cranberries

Beef stirfry (marinated steak,vfrozen veggie mix) w/sesame oil, and have to figure out some kind of sauce (maybe chili garlic?).


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