Paleo Challenge Day 1

Okay, so I've finally talked my husband into doing a 30 Day Paleo Challenge with me!! Go me:). Although, even though he's agreed to it, it's been non-stop bitching since we started looking over menus and meal planning. Today is day one and he's stuck to it so far, which I know is hard (it's hard for me giving up my 20 crystal light packets/day too!). And he's dead set on this being only 30 days out of his life, not the rest of his life. But I'm just going with it because I hope at the end of the 30 days, he'll feel so much better (like I used to) and want to stick with at least most of it. I'm just so thrilled that we're doing this together.

We both weighed ourselves this morning (not sharing that scary total with the world), and we'll do measurements and photos tonight. Luckily/unluckily enough, we both had our cholesterol screened for life insurance last month, so we have those numbers to go off of if we choose to get our blood work done again in 30 days.

Our meals for today are as follows:

2 eggs
2.5 slices of bacon
black coffee (or in Adam's case, 4oz. pineapple/OJ)

3-4oz. chicken breast cooked in coconut/olive oil with onions/green peppers
shredded carrot (2 mini ones)
clementine (Adam)

Apple pie Larabar + clementine (Adam)
possibly smoothie for Adam? Not sure what he'll eat at work this afternoon
Turkey breast (deli meat) + clementine + handful of roasted pecans (Kate)

Snack pt. 2:
2oz. chicken breast 


Tuna steak (olive oil, S&P, lemon juice)
Roasted/steamed green beans with almonds & lemon pepper
blueberries w/balsamic vinagrette, 1/4c. (Kate)

And we both are detoxing from soda, so it's going to be hard. At least I still have my coffee, but I know I need to cut back on this as well.

Oh... and I'm hungry!


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