Day 2

Day 2 -
Made more coffee than normal this morning:), hoping to ward off the early afternoon caffeine crash.  My thought is that if I up my coffee intake while kicking the soda habit, I can wean myself back to my normal 1.5 cups a day later.  We'll see.

Leftover frittata from yesterday
1 clementine

Few bites of my daughter's banana

Leftover shrimp with arugula, almonds, roma tomato, cucumber slices, green onions, and ham.

Golden raisins

Bean-less Paleo Chili - X

PLUS - a glass of OJ around mid-day.  I know it's paleo, but it's frowned upon, and certainly not good during my whole30 challenge.  Hopefully my husband will drink the rest of it soon and get it out of the house.

Oops - surprise visit from my brother this evening, so we went to an Italian place. WHY are these the hardest restaurants to eat paleo at?  I got a grouper filet with artichokes, black olives, spinach and capers with a side of asparagus and a potato cake thing that turned out to be a HUGE pile of mashed potatoes that were breaded, stuffed with cheese and deep fried.  It was too much for me to handle.  I should have just asked that they leave it off the place.  I ate almost all of it and now feel sick.   Lesson learned - I have no self control if it's on my place.

My husband notified me today that he will not be doing a strict paleo diet with me.  He'll eat as close to paleo as he can, but he's not the type to go all or nothing (and that's the only thing that really keeps me on track).  I guess I'm the type of person that desperately need structure and a strict one at that.  I think this might be why I have worked out only a handful of times since the birth of my daughter.  My schedule is never predictable and I used to work out at the same time every time I worked out... I can't do random or unpredictable, apparently.


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