New Year, New Attempt

Well, here's to 2012 being a year of success with diet and exercise for me and my family.  I was unsuccessful in every way in 2011.  I guess I used the excuse of having a small child to keep me from taking any time for myself to exercise.

So, day 1 has started off well;).  I went to bed early last night, like REALLY early (8pm-ish) and slept like a rock.  My poor husband rang in the new year alone, which I'm sad about.  But I feel wonderful this morning due to the sleep I desperately needed.

My daughter and I woke up early and had a great breakfast.  I plan to make it to the grocery story this afternoon to stock up on some veggies to keep us fed through the week.  Thankfully, we're set on meat since we got half a hog and a 1/4 cow earlier in 2011.

So... "before" measurements:
Weight: 150 lbs.
Waist (smallest part): 30.5in.
Waist (at hip bones): 36.5in.
Hips (widest): 40.5in
Upper arm (widest): 11.5in.
Thigh (widest): 22.5in.

So for breakfast this AM:
coffee (1 lg. cup ~ 12oz.)
frittata with eggs, red peppers, onions, pork sausage, & spinach

2 clementines

Roasted shrimp with hot chili sauce (need to check ingedients, though) on salad with tomato and green onions.

2 glasses of white wine (not okay on Whole 30, but couldn't waste the opened bottle)
8oz. coffee
handful of dried cherries
1 c. salted/roasted pistachios

Chicken breast with broccoli and sweet potato mash (w/bacon, chicken stock, coconut milk, and toasted pecans)

I'm trying to be careful to not cut my consumption of food too low.  I'm still almost exclusively breastfeeding my 17 month old (with hopes that she begins to eat more food SOON!), so I want to ensure my milk production stays high enough to feed her.

It's 5pm and I'm SERIOUSLY feeling the caffeine loss from no soda.  I've become a coke addict (coca-cola, I mean) in the past few months and I think this part might be the biggest challenge for me.  I've had another round of coffee (usually just a morning coffee drinker) and I'm feeling hungry.  Hoping a dinner of chicken and sweet potatoes will balance me out and not leave me hungry and snacky this evening.


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