Day 5 of 36 - Paleo Challenge

B - 20oz. black coffee, 3 mini paleo pancakes (from Mark's Daily Apple), 2tbs. maple syrup (needed some comfort food this AM:), but now it's sitting like a rock in my tummy.)
S - 3 mini paleo pancakes + maple syrup, 1 granny smith apple
L - 1 pork chop, 30 pecan halves, 1 glass of red wine (okay, maybe 3)
D - 1.5c. butternut squash bake (garlic, EVOO, parsley, butternut squash), 2 slices bacon
S - 4 paleo walnut raisin honey tea cookies (gross, but ate 4, so what does that say about me)

Carbs = 183g
Fat = 123g
Protein = 62g
Calories = 2,240

Serious gluttony going on today. I ate a shit load of food and was never really satisfied. Must be the hormones. I was desperate for some chocolate:). Next time I should just fast through these cravings instead of trying to find a substitute.

Headache from the wine this morning.


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