B - 20oz. black coffee, 1c. paleo chicken salad, 2 lettuce leaves
L - 1/2c. meat sauce, 1c. broccoli, 15 pecan halves
S - 1 cherry pie Larabar
S - 1 apple (PWO)
D - 1/3 roasted eggplant (DELICIOUS!), 8oz. tilapia (broiled w/ olive oil), 30 pecan halves

Carbs = 83g
Fat = 122g
Protein = 93g
Calories = 1,735

I'm not sure if anyone else uses www.thedailyplate.com to track their food, but I always find it humorous on their "healthy alternatives" to the item you look up. For pecan halves, guess what a couple of the healthy alternatives were? Organic tortilla chips or a demi baguette (no clue what this is)... I mean, really?? :) I know it's probably just some random computer generated information, but it's funny nonetheless.

Score big for me today! I avoided the Dove chocolates despite watching Adam eat one.


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