New Challenge - Day 1

It seems I have no will-power when it comes to cheating if I don't put myself to some kind of challenge. My husband always kids me about this, but it's just the way I am. If I don't have a goal to work for, I talk myself into cheating "just a little" and it ends up being alot:).

Day 1 of full-on Paleo/Primal Challenge... not sure about the length. I want to try for 60 days, but that will run into Thanksgiving, so I might just allow myself 2 cheat days for holiday meals.

Day 1 Meal Plan:
B - 20oz. black coffee (no more equal), 2 eggs (fried), 2tbs. guacamole
L - 4 hot wings (no breading/sugar), 2 stalks celery, 45 almonds
S - Larabar - peanut butter cookie
PWO S - 1 orange
D - Meat sauce w/broccoli, 45 almonds
S - 20oz. black coffee

Protein = 74g
Carbs = 90g
Calories = 1,616

Timely post from Mark's Daily Apple on will-power. This post made me feel SO much better about my journey to a paleo lifestyle. While I've had many-a-setback, at least I'm continuing in the right direction.


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