Cheated today, ugh. Adam came home with chocolate & "Moe's". I swear, living with him definitely gives me plenty of opportunity to work on my willpower. Still have a long way to go!

B - 20oz. black coffee, 2 eggs, 2tbs. guacamole, 15 almonds
L - 1c. paleo chicken salad, 2 lettuce leaves
S - Apple pie Larabar, 3 pieces of Dove chocolate
D - 8oz. salmon, 1c. collard greens
S - 1 apple, tortilla chips from Moe's + 1 bite of Adam's burrito.

Carbs = 99g
Fat = 73g
Protein = 89g
Calories = 1,423

Starting anther paleo challenge, but with some support this time. Rich Vos from Crossfit Northern Kentucky is putting together a group challenge starting 10/21. Looking forward to this!


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