Day 15 of 36 - Paleo Challenge

B - 20oz. black coffee, 2 fried eggs, 1tsp. coconut oil, 1oz. turkey breast, 1c. broccoli, 1/2c. butternut squash, soup, 9 almonds (3P/1.5C/4P)

L - 3oz. chicken breast, 1c. butternut squash soup, 1/2 apple, 9 almonds (3P/3C/3F)
*Too much food... I feel disgusting

D - (Olive Garden - Apricot Chicken, no sauce) - 4oz. chicken breast, 1c. veggies (broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes), salad w/dressing
*Fewer carbs & calories on this than what is listed below b/c I asked to have no sauce added and didn't eat the broccoli (it was yellowish-brown... ick!)

S - 9 almonds, 20oz. black coffee (3F)

S - 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 apple, 9 almonds (1P/1C/3F)

S - 1 apple, 12 brazil nuts (2C/12F)
*Seriously hungry about 9pm, so I ate more fruit & nuts, probably not the best choice, but I didn't feel like eating a cup or two of broccoli before bed:).

Blocks = 11P/11.5C/27F
Carbs = 138g
Fat = 111g
Protein = 108g
Calories = 2,086

*Craving some diet coke at dinner tonight, I actually thought about it all day... will I have some at dinner or no? Thankfully, I read the blog post today from Mark's Daily Apple and it hardened my resolve. Got water at dinner... counting every victory:).


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