Day 14

Two weeks down, woo hoo!  Feeling reinvigorated after reading lots of Eades blog posts.  I was discussing with my husband this evening how I think I've figured out why these paleo challenges have been so difficult for me since having my daughter... I'm completely out of the realm of Crossfit/Paleo online now.  I rarely read fitness/health blogs and I don't see it in mainstream circles, so I'm not getting the motivation/support I used to have.

So, that's a tangible thing I can do to help myself.. read more Crossfit/Paleo blogs.

Breakfast - 3 slices bacon, 4 scrambled eggs, clementine
Snack - apple, larabar
Lunch - ham/turkey on arugula with tomato, lemon juice and olive oil (this was gross for some reason... I guess maybe too much deli meat lately)
Snack - NINE chicken wings (roasted with spicy garlic sauce) - very yummy and spicy
Dinner - 1 chicken breast, leftover peppers, onions and broccoli stirfry mix
Snack - larabar


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