Day 6

Felt really awesome last night... but had a horrendous headache yesterday afternoon.  I'm not sure if it was because it was my first 10 hour workday or because of my caffeine addiction  (and so I took tylenol and had another cup of coffee).

Breakfast - Coffee, leftover frittata from yesterday plus an apple.
Snack - Clementine, raisins, cranberries (dried)
Lunch - 1 banana (while cooking), meatballs (sausage/beef), with stewed tomatoes (from our garden!), orange pepper, onions, carrots and apple cider vinegar (modified recipe from Paleo on a Budget)
Snack - clementine, pistachios (finished them off... not sure how I'm going to binge tonight! ;) )
Dinner -  Date night!  So we had sushi - I had a few different kinds of sashimi, and something called a naruto roll with tuna and wrapped in cucumber.  It was great!  I'm so excited that I can get something other than just sashimi when we order take-out sushi.  I also had a wonderful seaweed salad and tons of pickled ginger.  I'm sure the ginger isn't paleo (since pickling involves the use of sugar), but I splurged.


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