Day 8

Long night last night.  Stayed up way too late trying to watch the Republican debate, while my daughter woke up about every 30 minutes after 8pm (!!!).

Breakfast - leftover frittata from yesterday and LOTS OF COFFEE
Snack- pistachios, raisins, clementine, deli turkey meat
Lunch - Banana bread Larabar, Went out to eat and only option was a greek salad with shredded chicken (and it was like 1c. worth of food! STARVING).  So I came home and ate the remaining leftovers of the meatball and peppers/carrots/onions.
Snack - pistachios, clementine
Dinner - Chicken drumsticks w/kale & mustard greens, slow cooked with garlic, onions, chicken stock and red wine vinegar (maybe - might not be hungry enough for this, we'll see)


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