Day 13 of 36 - Paleo Challenge

B - 20oz. black coffee, 2hb eggs, 2tbs. paleo mayo, 4oz. turkey breast, 1/4c. green peppers
L - 2c. meat sauce, 1c. spaghetti squash
S - Apple pie Larabar, 1 gala apple
S - 30 almonds (pwo), 20oz. black coffee
D - Roast chicken (leg), 1c. roasted brussel sprouts

Carbs = 80g
Fat = 127g
Protein = 87g
Calories = 1,849

I watched a few of the videos on the CrossFit Journal from Dr. Barry Sears' presentation. I've decided to go back to the zone proportions, but with paleo food. I never felt better than when I was zoning (even though I was eating a ton of soy/meat substitutes).

This might be a bit of an adjustment since lately I've been trying to keep my carbs low and this will be much higher than I'm used to. What I'm currently doing is not working, though, so I'm going to experiment. That, and I'm going to get some fish oil and start taking that daily.


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