Day 24 of 36 - Paleo Challenge

B - 20oz. black coffee, 2 fried eggs, 2c. broccoli, 1oz. turkey breast, 9 almonds (I'm so happy that sunbutter is GONE! I can't help but eat the whole damn jar.) (3P/0.5C/3F)

L - 3oz. pork roast, 1c. broccoli soup, 9 pecans, 1 apple (3P/2.5C/3F)

S - 1 banana, LOTS of walnuts/pecans/almonds/sunflower seeds w/honey & pumpkin pie spice (*went a little out of control here...) (3C/13F)

D - Indian take-out (Chicken madras (~1.5c. of sauce & chicken), 2 carrots dipped in raita (not paleo, I know), 1 glass of wine (4P/4C/0F)

Blocks = 10P/10C/19F
Carbs = 167g
Fat = 132g
Protein = 92g
Calories = 2,455

WAY out of control today, but I felt like it. Back to normal tomorrow.


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