Makin' Bacon - Part 2

It's been eight days of curing for the pork belly and now it's ready to EAT!:). After removing it from the packaging, I rinsed it thoroughly under cold water to remove all the excess salt (there wasn't much at all!).

Now comes the tough part, slicing. My slices were awful, but it's not like I'm trying to sell this or anything, so it's okay for now.

Hopefully, practice will make this easier. I found that it was MUCH easier to cut through if it was cold, so next time I'll pop it back in the fridge half way through.

And that's it! Just heat up a pan, slap in some slices and you've got DELICIOUS bacon with a hint of maple.

(Also, something to note, if you don't make the slices even all the way down, then the bacon will not cook evenly. I figured this out b/c my slices were a bit off the mark. The fat doesn't have time to cook down before the lean part is crispy.)


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