Day 23 of 36 - Paleo Challenge

B - no coffee:(, 2 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, 1/4c. broccoli soup, 1 apple, 2tbs. sunbutter (3P/2C/5F)

L - 4oz. tilapia, 1c. broccoli soup, 2tbs. sunbutter, 1/2 carrot (3P/1C/5F)

S - 4oz. orange juice (3C)

S - 2oz. turkey breast, 1 peanut butter cookie larabar, 20oz. black coffee (2P/2C/4F) -- okay, couldn't make it a full day :)

D - 3oz. pork roast, 1.5c. roasted okra, 9 almonds, 2 glasses of wine (3P/1.5C/3F)

S - 1 apple

Blocks = 11P/9.5C/17F
Carbs = 123g
Fat = 122g
Protein = 99g
Calories = 2,132

I vowed to lay off the coffee, but didn't last even a day. My stomach issues were better today, though, so if things are bad tomorrow morning after a cup, I'll know the cause. It's like my own little mini experiment:).


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