Day 34 of 36 - Paleo Challenge

I think I'm getting a cold... and I HATE colds:).

B - 4oz. black coffee, 2 fried eggs, 1oz. pork roast, 1 apple, 9 walnuts (3P/2C/3F)

L - 5 mini paleo pancakes (went a little over here, but at least that's the last of them), 3oz. turkey breast (3P/4C/11F)

S - diet coke (I've GOT to stop this)

D - 4oz. tilapia, 1c. brussel sprouts, 1 apple (3P/2.75C)

S - 20oz. black decaf coffee

Blocks = 9P/8.75C/14F
Carbs = 100g
Fat = 104g
Protein = 84g
Calories = 1,608

Today was a disaster in eating, and I just feel off because of it. No more paleo pancakes left and I'm glad b/c I won't be tempted to eat a shit ton of them on a regular basis.

Also, my diet coke intake is really creeping up there, so I need to get that in check.


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