Makin' Bacon - Part 1

Okay, my first attempt at homemade bacon was this morning. I got the recipe from

I started with a huge slab of pork belly and cut it into evenly sized slabs. I'm hoping I estimated the 5lbs. required in the recipe correctly. Otherwise, I'll need to adjust the salt in the next batches.

I'll store the other slabs in my freezer (double-bagged). If you have a freezer bag system, that would probably be a much better way to store these, but I'm not willing to spend the money on one just yet.


5lb. slab of pork belly
1/4c. salt (I used kosher)
1tsp. pink salt (bought from The Spice House
1/2c. maple syrup or honey (I used maple syrup)


Slather the pork belly in the salt mixture (I didn't do this, but next time I'll mix the two salts together FIRST!).

Then slather with maple syrup.

Put it in a ziplock baggie and store in the fridge for 7 days (or until the bacon no longer gives when you poke it). Turn the bacon every day.


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