Fat Challenge Day 9 - 8.8.09

I need to make a trip to the Farmer's Market this morning b/c I'm out of eggs! I don't know what I'd do without eggs. I eat about 18/week. Which might be a bit high, but they are the cheapest source of protein and they go with pretty much any meal:).

Today might be a bit of a wonky eating day since we are traveling to northern VA to go to a DMB concert with friends.

B - 1 egg (fried), 1.5c. kale w/ pine nuts + 12 almonds + 9 brazil nuts

S - 1 banana + 9 brazil nuts

L - Grilled chicken BLT salad (no dressing) from Wendy's

S - 1 packed of roasted, salted sunflower seed kernels + 9 brazil nuts

S - about 20 brazil nuts throughout the tailgate + a few sips of white wine

D - (@1AM) - Grilled chicken breast from Wendy's + 1/4 Dr. Pepper

Well, I THOUGHT I had done a good job of keeping my carbs under control while eating out, I avoided the bread on the chicken sandwich and got a salad at lunch with no dressing, however, the large amount of nuts eaten really killed it for me. That and the sunflower seeds. Needless to say, I'll be glad to not have to eat out again for awhile, especially fast food... ick!

Carbs = 116g (!!!)


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