Weathertop Farm

I haven't given a well-deserved shout-out to Weathertop Farm, despite having enjoyed their "satisfied protein" for a few months now. Weathertop Farm brings meat (chicken, rabbit) & eggs to our local farmer's market every Saturday (and maybe Wednesday's too, but I only go Saturday's). Their prices on eggs are cheaper than Wal-Mart & they are delicious. I haven't tried the rabbit yet (hubs is weirded-out), but the chicken is beautiful and very lean. We are stocking up for the winter months when the chickens won't be available. We also have an order reserved for "half a hog". I am really looking forward to that in the fall!

I haven't made it out for a farm visit yet, but I definitely want to. The best things about buying from Weathertop are a) it's local and supporting your local farming community is always a good thing, b) it's SUPER fresh & delicious, & c) best of all, the owners really seem to care about the welfare of their animals.

If you are in the New River Valley, Virginia area, I seriously suggest you check them out. You will not be disappointed! The owners are very friendly and helpful, as well.


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