Fat Challenge Day 3 - 8.1.09

Today is my first weekend day (which are the hardest for me) on my challenge. Skipped lunch due to 4-wheelin' with my husband & father-in-law. Had a blast, but was STARVING by time we got home.

Breakfast -
9 almonds (right when I woke up to curb my hunger until I ate breakfast an hour or so later)
2 eggs (fried)
5 blackberries
12 almonds

Lunch -
Shelled sunflower seeds while riding a 4-wheeler

Snack -
1 string cheese
1/2c. grapes
1tsp. peanut butter (not natural)

Dinner -
1/4lb hamburger (w/egg & SOG BBQ sauce)
2 slices of tomato, onions
Son of Grok's BBQ sauce
1c. brussel sprouts
+ dried fruit while making dinner

Snack -
Dried fruit & nuts (my splurge for movie night!)


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