B - 3 fried eggs, 2tbs. guacamole, 1 apple, 60 pistachios, 24 almonds

L - 1 chicken thigh, 30 R/S almonds

S - 20oz. latte (w/ 1 equal), 1 apple

D - 4oz. cod fillet

S - Medium Tagalong Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Carbs = 195.2g

Well, I had my first cheat in 90 days tonight. It was something I have been craving, especially since there are commercials for it like every other minute on tv! :)

It was surprisingly less tasty than I had imagined. It also made me feel nauseated and SUPER bloated. I wanted to stop halfway though, but didn't want to waste it:). I don't plan to have another one, it was that lackluster. I'm glad I cheated this way, though. It made me realize how wonderful I feel when I don't eat this kind of stuff. I would much rather cheat by eating too much dried fruit or a LaraBar or possibly something like french toast. The dairy with the cookie was just too much for my system. At least I'm assuming it was the combination; dairy in my coffee hasn't been a problem for me.


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