Fat Challenge Day 8 - 8.7.09

Coming up on another weekend:)! We'll be out of town on Saturday, with friends at a concert. I don't think it will be too hard, though. I'll just have to break my vow (for one day) of eating only grass-fed meat. I don't think it will kill my conscience too much.

B - 2 fried eggs, 30 almonds (trying to avoid the extreme hunger before lunch)

L - Spaghetti squash (~3/4c.) w/meat sauce (~1.5c.) + 9 brazil nuts

S - 1/4c. blueberries, 9 almonds

D - Spaghetti squash (~3/4c.) w/meat sauce (~1.5c) + 9 brazil nuts + 15 almonds

S - 1 Italian sausage link w/ onions & peppers (~1/4c.) + 1/4 hard cider beer + a few sips of a Dr. Pepper + 12 almonds (*all but the nuts were at the town festival)

Carbs = 76g

I think this might be the reason for my overall fuzziness, lack of energy, & general bitchiness to life right now:).
I'm going to extend this challenge to 4 weeks to see if things don't level out by then. Looks like 2 weeks might be too short to get the full effect. Not that I plan to go bad-carb-crazy once my "challenge" is done. But I would like to not have to watch my healthy carb intake so closely.

All in all felt really good today except for the exhaustion. Hopefully my good mood continues:)!


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