Fat Challenge Day 5 - 8.3.09

Still up 2lbs. but I ate a ton of nuts/seeds yesterday, so maybe that's it. I know I'm obsessing and maybe I should just not weight myself until the end of this challenge.

Breakfast -
2 eggs (fried in olive oil)
1 banana
15 brazil nuts

Lunch -
1 chicken thigh (w/ tandoori marinade)
1c. broccoli
15 almonds, 1/2tsp. butter on broccoli

Snack -
1/2c. grapes
1tsp. natural peanut butter

Dinner -
3/4 chicken breast (w/ SOG's BBQ sauce)
Zucchini & apples (recipe from Paleofood.com)
15 almonds

*New goal after reading Mark Sisson's "How to Eat According to the Primal Blueprint", I'll be attempting to keep my carbs under 80g per day. Today was ~110g.


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