Fat Challenge Day 25 - 8.24.09

I vow to keep my carbs LOW today. I went way overboard yesterday.

B - 2 eggs (fried), 2Tbs. guacamole, 30 pistachios

S - 20oz. diet coke

L - 1.5c. meat sauce, 21 R/S almonds

S - 2 buffalo wings, 1c. celery/carrot/almond salad, 21 R/S almonds

D - 2 buffalo wings, 2 eggs (fried), 2tbs. guacamole, 1tbs. salsa, 1c. celery/carrot/almond salad, 30 pistachios

S - 4 strawberries, 1/4c. blueberries, 9 pecan halves, 2tsp. coconut flakes

Gotta stop later night snacking!! - 6 dried pineapple slices (bad bad bad!)

Carbs = 71.2g 179.5g

Good day today despite having a really weird dinner:). I am so in love with that celery, carrot & almond salad. I think I'll omit the honey next time to see if I like it as much without the added sweetness. Super yummy!!

Update: Had a few slices of dried pineapple (with sugar in the ingredients) this evening. I have GOT TO STOP doing this. I am caving and it's killing my morale. :(


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