Fat Challenge Day 23 - 8.22.09

B - 2 fried eggs, 2tbs. guacamole, 30 pistachios, 21 R/S almonds

S - 2tsp. sunbutter

L - 1.5c meat sauce, 1 apple, 30 R/S almonds

S - 1 chicken leg, 2tsp. sunbutter, 1/4c. dried prunes

D - 8oz. grilled tilapia, 2c. brussel sprouts, 30 pistachios

Carbs = 110.5g

Hung around the house for most of the day (hence all the snacking). But I did go shopping and tried on a few clothes today. I am just shy of two sizes smaller in pants & dresses! :)

Too many carbs today, I caved and snacked on prunes while making dinner. The tilapia was delicious. I also had quite a bit of sunbutter today. It was somewhat of an acquired taste, but now I really love it! It helps me keep peanut butter out of my diet:).


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